Variable Speed Pulleys

What Are Variable Speed Motors?

As the name suggests, the speed of this type of motor can be adjusted. This is done by varying the voltage and power frequency supplied to the motor. There are four types of variable speed regulating systems for the motors:

- PWM or Pulse Width Modulation

- CSI or Current Source Inverter

- VSI or Voltage Source Inverter

- FVD or Flux Vector Drive

Each type of drive controller has its advantages and disadvantages. The use of a particular speed controller system depends on the application for which the motor is being used. Different speed regulating systems are needed for AC and DC motors. A variable speed controller is needed to run an industrial powder blender.

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What Is a Variable Speed Drive?

It can refer to the speed control system that helps adjust the speed of the motor, or it can refer to the whole setup that consists of the motor and the speed controller. Also known as adjustable speed drive, it is used to drive large electric motors with the help of an external controller. It is useful in saving energy because only the required amount of power is used at a time. Powerful motors used in industries can consume large amounts of power if left to run at their full capacity. By using a variable speed drive, the speed of the motor is controlled and it is forced to run only at the speed needed for the application.

What Is a Fixed Centre Drive?

The fixed centre drive system used in a motor allows precise control of the speed and torque. The speed range can be regulated using the belt driven pulleys. The spring loaded configuration is used to achieve the desired output speeds.

What Can They Be Used for?

This type of motor mechanism can be used in applications where precise control over the speed and torque of the motor is needed. The advantage of this system is that the speed can be adjusted precisely. In case of a preset speed controller, the speed of the motor cannot be regulated precisely. The motor can be run only at one of the preset speed settings.

Where are Variable Speed Pulleys Made?

Variable speed pulleys are made by the manufacturers that make motors and related components. This type of system is used to obtain the desired torque or to run the driven shaft precisely. The movement generated by the motor shaft can be shifted and used where needed. It can be used to obtain a motorised linear motion.

Who Needs Variable Speed Pulleys?

Variable speed pulleys are used in different types of motors. These motors are used not only in industrial applications but also in consumer grade devices. This speed regulating mechanism is used in applications where gradual and precise speed control is needed. The output speed of these motors is generally regulated by turning a hand wheel attached to the driven pulley. The speed of the driven pulley shaft is reduced or increased by moving the hand wheel in the desired direction. The advantage is that the speed can be reduced or increased even while the motor is running at its full speed. The belt connecting the pulleys is dropped to a lower pitch or higher pitch diameter on the driven pulley to obtain the desired speed and torque adjustments.